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Ethiopian coffee growers provide empowering benefits to both their local community and the wider coffee industry. By owning and managing their coffee farms, they create employment opportunities in their communities while producing some of the finest single origin coffee in the world.

Washed coffee is a method of processing coffee beans where the fruit is removed from the bean before it is dried. This results in a clean, bright flavor profile and is the most common method used in Ethiopia to produce a rich, clear flavour with a smooth after-taste.


Coffee cherries are placed in water to segregate the mature and immature cherries from one another. The mature, high-quality coffee cherries sink, whereas the immature, low-quality ones tend to float.


Cherries are passed through a de-pulping machine, which removes the outer layers to extract the seeds, also known as coffee beans.


Seeds are placed in a water tank for 18-24 hours to undergo fermentation. Floating seeds are removed during this period.


Seeds are taken out of the water tanks and dried. The seeds are meticulously dried to achieve a moisture content of 10-12%.

Washed coffee stands out because of the unique process where beans are meticulously sourced, cleaned and fermented. These beans create a delicious and balanced drink with vibrant flavours which will resonate with any coffee lover every time.

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