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Grind CafΓ©

The vision of two runners

From different parts of the world, different lines of sight, who share a unified hope of promoting positivity through their running and passion for great coffee.

in Every Cup

Born in Ethiopia, Alex moved to Canada at the age of ten and although he is very proud of his Canadian identity, he remains closely connected to his Ethiopian roots. Coffee brings friends and families in Ethiopia together daily to talk, laugh and enjoy one another’s company and Alex hopes to share this valued east African coffee tradition with the world.


Grew up in Northern Ireland before immigrating with his family to Canada, when he was thirteen. Being an immigrant to Canada is not the only parallel between Jason and Alex however, as each would become an accomplished middle distance runner in his own right. What differentiates them is that Jason was born without eyesight due to a congenital eye condition, meaning that in order to train and compete as a middle
distance runner he requires help from a guide.

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